Why You Need A WHS Management System

A workplace health and safety (WHS) management system is essential for any business. A WHS management system helps you to identify and control hazards in your workplace, ensuring that your employees are safe while they work. A WHS management system can be implemented using software or a manual system.

However, using software is the best way to ensure compliance with your occupational safety and health obligations.

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An effective WHS management system includes the following steps: 

  • Document an assessment of hazards in your workplace.
  • Control risks identified during the risk assessment process.
  • Monitor your progress using reports and audits.
  • Improve your WHS management system by conducting regular reviews.

If you do not have an effective workplace health and safety management system in place, you may be liable for prosecution under relevant workplace legislation. To avoid this, implement a suitable WHS management system that will help to ensure the safety of all employees.

The system should include steps such as documenting an assessment of hazards, controlling risks, and monitoring progress. By conducting regular reviews,your WHS management system can be improved.